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Wow, Livejournal's bugging out on me. It's like being on tumblr again.

Anyway, this weekend was interesting. Went around London for a day, which kinda made me miss having a travelcard. Getting out and about is good, but also the money needed is... not so good. I checked my bank balance, and... actually it wasn't all that bad. I'm gonna renew the travelcard. You know, in January, when the Christmas shopping has died down. And maybe buy myself a pizza or new clothes or game or something nice. You know, to treat myself for being good and not spending money. That makes sense, right?

But yeah, walking around London was nice, and I even got some writing done, so even if I didn't do all I wanted to, it was still pretty good. Today, I've mostly been rearranging my room while I've got the space to work on it, and looks like tomorrow I'm gonna buy a cheap chest of drawers or something to finally sort out my clothes storage problems. But more on that when the job is done!

Finally, I discovered some news the other day that was on the line between bizarre and hilarious, so that was certainly an experience. But again, more on that, later!


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