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You know, I'm not sure I really have a lot to say about this series. It isn't as plot heavy as Princess Tutu, and I guess I'm not fangirling over it as much as certain other non-plot heavy series, at the moment at least. Which isn't to say it's bad, just I don't have much to say about it.

Beach episode, as predicted last time, and we get a bit more character development. We're at Maki's house, but Maki isn't as keen to get involved in having fun with the others, as that's her way. The characters generally are getting more used to being around each other as well, and we got a few good moments. Nico trying to one up everything was pretty entertaining, as was the pillow fight.

So.. I guess this is a post to say I don't have much to post? I'm probably going to hold off on these until I actually have something to say, probably a season 1 retrospective or something. Or if something happens I want to comment on. I started with the post per episode for a series I generally had a lot more to say about, and kinda carried it over, that probably wasn't a great idea. Not that it's a bad show, it knows what it is and it does it reasonably well. It's fun.


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