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The hero this school deserves

Princess Tutu is back, and with a slight break from usual as we have a Shakesperian episode! My knowledge of A Midsummer Night's Dream isn't all that good, but it still made an interesting shakeup with a different form of theatre. And, interesting, with another ballet student this time, just to make things even more confusing!

I could probably talk in great detail about the connections to the play, but my lack of knowledge is gonna show through in record time, so instead, well, let's talk about the episode itself. Bottom herself, or Hermia as she would probably prefer to be called, was a pretty cool character. Her ability at reading others emotions because she always found herself in the background was a nice touch, and helped flesh her out in quite a realistic way, and the way she chose to apply this skill, despite her own percieved limitations, really set her apart. Probably one of my favourite one episode characters, for all the right reasons (as opposed to some other favourites, like Femio), and that's saying a lot. She really deserved the, perhaps unexpected, end her story got.

As for the rest of the episode, there was quite a lot going on. We learn, from Drosselmeyer himself no less, that all of Mytho's heart shards that were hidden in other hearts have been returned to him, but there are still other pieces left. Mytho himself is more conflicted than ever as a result of this (or, specifically, his pride returning to him), and is taking it out on Rue. It's actually quite interesting. Between this, Kraehe, and Fakir's actions towards Mytho at the start of the series, we've seen some genuinely nasty sides to all of the main cast (barring, of course, Ahiru). It's a brave choice, particularly in the genre, but I should probably hold off talking about how it pays off until we see more, of course (it might be a rewatch, but it's always worth refreshing the memory). On top of that, there was a nice romance thread throughout, and also some comedy. It thankfully averts some of the expected results of a misunderstanding in a romcom you (or more accuratly, I) was bracing for, and the confusion over ballet poses between Hermia and Cat-Sensei was very comical.

That guy yelling at people to be quiet in the library is back again. The most important role in the series, that.


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