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Christmas is over, and so (almost) is 2016!

It was an interesting one this year, as my parents were back, but couldn't stay for the day itself, so we had a fake Christmas 3 days early, with gifts, songs, turkey dinner and... no carols, as they had to go home to pack. Still, it was a pretty cool day all in all for a not Christmas day. Plus, I finally tried quorn bacon, as bacon butties are a tradition in our house on Christmas day. They weren't exceptional, but still, better than I expected. Not that I'm quite sure what I expected.

For the day itself, I went out cycling in the morning along the river listening to Christmas tunes on my mp3 player, which was pretty neat, then cycled over to a family friends to spend most of the day, which was also kinda cool. I've kept up with cycling since then, and actually found a neat new place to ride in today, although sadly because of the weather couldn't explore it a whole lot. Still, leaves something to do for next time! After, you know, buying some gloves.

Today I had leftover Christmas dinner sandwiches for dinner, which made a change from the Boxing day meal of chocolate and garlic bread that was about to expire.

Anyway, this!

Not pictured: lots of chocolate
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