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So here we are now! I've migrated my blog over to Dreamwidth because of... well, about 500 different reasons not to use LiveJournal anymore. Mostly nobody was using that much anymore, whether or not this is less of a ghost town, well, the fun is in finding out!

As for this blog in particular, I've decided to use it more as a log for the various projects I'm working on. I feel that by not engaging with them enough outside of the time I'm specifically allocating to work on them I'm not warming up my creative engine enough, which is causing them to stall, and other painfully forced metaphores. Anyway, the idea is by posting more ideas here I'll get more motivation to work on them, but in practice, who knows what'll happen! I'll probably keep using it as a general journal which... well, I haven't done a whole lot of these last couple months admittedly, but hey. Maybe one day I'll write how those months went! Spoilers: it's been weird.

So yeah, hi dreamwidth, I look forward to working with you!


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