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Wow! It's all go here! Today and tomorrow I have a combined total of 4 job interviews, which is... certainly something. Nerve-wracking, probably, but hey. For some reason I find I need money. Someone should probably look into a way of fixing that, imo, but until that point a job has to make do. What a pity.

In other, less intense news, I had quite a good long weekend, went down to Sussex and had a look at Chichester Cathedral, which was pretty interesting since I'd never been there before. And hey, I guess that's what you're supposed to do at Easter! Although you're probably meant to be in the cathedral while a service is in session, but hey. We can work up to that. Then we went down to the Solent, which was having some sort of sailing day. It was pretty neat being back on the south coast again, even if it wasn't East Sussex. Makes me want to move back there, in a way, maybe in 500 years or so I will.

So that's pretty much how my life's been these past few days, further updates when interview season is over!
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