Apr. 19th, 2017 02:42 pm
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So I've got 2 job interviews today, which is probably more that the advisable number. Hopefully something comes out of at least one of them, but it's all experience I guess. In happier news, the first interview was in South Kensington, which meant that afterwards I treated myself to a trip to the Natural History Museum!

The NHM was probably one of my favourite places to go as a kid in London, after the Tower of London, and let's be honest here, it's because of the dinosaurs. They had a lot of dinosaurs. They still do! It was slightly dissapointing since half the museum seemed to be shut for renovations, but there was enough there to make it interesting, even if I did miss the massive skeleton that normally sits at the entrance. I still remembered a surprising number of the exhibits, and they're still playing the same video of 'Dinosaurs in TV and Film' that they had, what, 2 decades ago? I can't remember if it had Jurassic Park in it at the time, or if they've updated it at some point. On the board next to it the most recent film they talk about is 1989's The Land Before Time, where I'm told extensive research was done to make the dinosaurs as realistic as possible.

Uh, sure.

I'm guessing they meant in terms of how they looked and moved... maybe?

But there's more to natural history than dinosaurs, or so I'm told, and I did have time to see the mammals as well! The big cats exhibit is always a hoot, and I got to see a not particularly well looking cheetah, the best of all mammals, next to a sign saying that taxidermy for the purpose of exhibits is no longer museum policy, so these examples are very old and will probably never be replaced, but are still on display because... I guess they need something to display at least? Not that the kids who were there for the Easter holidays seemed very bothered with anything that wasn't a dinosaur, but who am I to judge when I was just the same when I was their age?

No servals on display to that, this isn't Japari Park.

Anyway, I have another job interview to get to today, so wish me luck with that!
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