Oct. 10th, 2016

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So after most people seem to have left this site, I'm back, after... wow, well over a decade! It's been a while, Livejournal!

I'm still setting this up at the moment, so let's see what's going to happen!
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So, now that I have a blog, let's see if I can start doing some sort of journal.

Today was an okay day, I started off by not getting up early as I had planned, but c'est la vie. Spent the entire day at work alone again, with not much work to do, but oh well. Good to get some time on the DOS emulator on my phone at least!

In more exciting news, I printed out the final form I needed to change my name, filled it in, then put it with the other forms, sealed the envelope, unsealed the envelope as I realised I wasn't done, bought some tape, and went to the post office. I then got a postal order, as I don't have a chequebook, to pay the court fees, put the postal order in the envelope, resealed it with tape, and sent it first class recorded delivery.

Now's the time for someone to tell me I did that wrong.

Also wow, look at me, using a postal order, like a character from a 1950s childrens book that's still being reprinted today for some bizarre reason. Aunty sent me a postal order, I shall buy extra tuck for all my chums in embroidery class, I do hope the head girl doesn't catch us!

Except I'm the one sending the postal order in this case. They'd better not use my court fees on extra tuck, I know that much.

I was worried I might not be able to make my ballet class as I'm still getting over my weird flu thing. Luckily I made it in the end, and it actually went quite well! Time flew by, and I didn't even get dizzy once! Well, almost. It went well, at any rate. And I didn't cough once! But I did when I left. A lot.

For now, I feel there's some tins of food left in the kitchen calling to me. Anything's an improvement on eating throat lozenges for most of the day!
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I should probably also think of some other stuff I could use the blog for, as well as a personal journal. I've set this up as a place for more long-form posts, as twitter is twitter and whenever I get on tumblr I just seem to reblog stuff instead of making anything of my own.

So this post is basically just me working through those ideas.

I could do themed posts, so once a week I could take a subject that interests me and do a post about it, probably nothing too detailed, just my thoughts on it. So, for example, on Monday I have dance class, so I could do a post about ballet then. Or then again, perhaps I'll be sick of it!

I'll probably do a few posts about whatever media, be it music, games, TV or anime, I'm getting into at the moment, those could be good themed posts too.

I feel that, while there's a lot of stuff I could write about, I'd work better if I had some sort of plan of things to write.

One thing I do want to do is try and write a short story, and I do mean short (less than 1k works), a week, and upload it to here. I'm not sure what the subject would be, it'd probably change, but it'd be good to stay in the writing habit, I've been trying to get better at that recently.

Oh yeah, writing. That's something to write about. Very meta.

Also, I, use, commas, too, much. I'm a good writer, honest!

Anyway, this is a work in progress, so let's see how it goes!


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