Oct. 18th, 2016

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Well today certainly happened. Not much happened, certainly, but it did.

Most interesting piece of news, ballet class! It's progressing well, although I'm still making myself dizzy on the turns. Such is life, such is life. Other than that, it's fun, a great way to spend an evening, and of course I'm just happy to be there!

It makes a change from work at least.

Speaking of, I've pretty much made my mind up to leave. I've got a plan, which I'll probably develop, and share in a few days when it's fully formed. In the meantime, I think it's a goer. Important to have a plan, I was going out of my head before when I was looking for jobs with little to no plan.

In happier news, I made my decision while having my first pumpkin spice latte of the season! And also, probably my last, but you know. It's nice to give it a go at least. Kinda fun. But then, after the day I had, I guess anything would be fun in comparison!

So yeah, a bit of a short one, but I guess a lot of this is still in progress. I'll share more when I have more!

Also, I can change my icon again! Hooray!
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So I feel I should probably actually try to use this website's community features, since I chose it over other sites that just have blogs.

But then, I also feel I've moved into a ghost town here.

Really I'm just here for the multiple icons. My favourite feature on this site when I was here in like 2004, and my favourite 12 years later!

Maybe one day I shall tell more tales of my old blog on this site. But also, no
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Also, these arrived last week!

They're Hex Maniac pokemon card holders!

...Of course, I have no pokemon cards to hold just now

I had some bootleg ones from China way back when, who knows where they've gone to?

But, you know me, I need to have my Hex Maniac merchandise, so here we are! Maybe one day I'll make my own ghost deck, and then I'll have somewhere to put them!

Until the, I'll just be annoyed I haven't got Hex Maniac rank in Pokemon Go!

(not that I've tried that hard...)


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