Oct. 22nd, 2016

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I've started playing Inazuma Eleven 2: Blizzard. I chose Blizzard over Firestorm because... Well, I didn't have much of a reason, but Shawn Froste has seemed cool (no pun intended), so I guess that's why.

I've actually had a strange history with the Inazuma series, as the first game I played was actually Chrono Stones. Plus it took me about a year to finish it, but that probably says more about me and video games than anything to do with the game itself. Anyway, when Chrono Stones first came out my pal Louie got me the game, as I was into anime, football, and, probably most importantly, had a European 2DS! But however long it took me to complete, I had a blast, and I'm still actually playing through the postgame. Beta was one of the first characters I recruited, in case you're wondering where my icon came from. Sure, she was a villain, but she got better... kinda. She was neat, at least, for the five seconds she appeared in. Maybe one day I'll post something about my Chrono Stones postgame, I think I've just about recruited everyone I want to, now I just need to finish the final competition route and then... a copy of Thunderflash to link with my Wildfire to unlock the final unlockable content! Maybe one day.

Anyway, after finishing* Chrono Stones, I decided to give the first Go game a go, mainly to find out more about the characters. I got the Shadow version (Tezcat is cool), and had a lot of fun with that too, although I was surprised how much the gameplay changed between it and Chrono Stones. I didn't really progress as far in the postgame, as I was already quite far along with Chrono Stones, which seemed to have more choice anyway.

So then I decided, hey, why not give the original Mark Evans games a go? Well, because they're for the DS for a start, but that's not a huge problem, as it just means they're cheap. So I went back to IE1, which was... certainly an experience after the polished 3DS gameplay of Chrono Stones, but I quite liked it. I particularly liked the choice you have when recruiting players and putting them on your team, unlike the Ultimate Eleven, where you kinda play who you're told to. Although admittedly most of the players I recruited were players I recruited from going back in time in Chrono Stones (admittedly more because they looked cool than anything else, as I didn't really know them at this point). The storyline was pretty neat too, taking your rag-tag team from oblivion to winning the cup.

Now it's time to fight off an alien invasion in IE2!

I do wonder if Inazuma has a problem with escalating it's plot appropriately.

Anyway, I need to go save Umbrella Academy from football-playing aliens. I'm sure there's no way this can go wrong.

*The main game. Will I ever complete the game completely? Who knows...


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