Nov. 23rd, 2016

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So I've finally started writing again! Which is good, as I was struggling for a while. I guess this last month has been a bunch of upheaval for me, so it's good to finally be getting on top of stuff. Now I just need to keep that up, easier said than done. Got a lot to do when December comes along, so it's all go!
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So we've basically decided Lillie is the most evil character in this show.

My rewatch (how many rewatches is this now? The first for a while, anyway) of Princess Tutu has resumed after a long hiatus. I'm watching this with a friend who's never seen the show before, I feel I have to introduce it to all my friends. This is the sort of stuff you need to put up with when you're friends with me. Anyway, we took a break from watching anime for a while, and now we're at it again!

Some thoughts on the show so far - I'm still enjoying it, it's stood up to time surprisingly well. Amazing to think that this was made in 2002. Also, I always forget how downright creepy Fakir is at the start of the show, like wow. I mean, he gets character development, but without any context his actions are... wow. Sure, he was in a bad situation, but he didn't handle it at all well.

As for the episode itself, I enjoyed it. Mytho's gradual fall (not literally this time!) continues, and this time there's a lot of screentime for Ahiru's two friends, who are all too often falling into the, uh, main character's two friends cliche. Where they don't have much to do aside from showing the main character in her 'ordinary' life, which isn't the focus of the show. So that's a very welcome change! Pique gets some good focus, admittedly as the victim of the week, but at least she gets more screentime. Why do I always like the characters who appear the least? Plus, she dances Giselle, which a lot of the episode's plot revolves around, so it's always nice to see a ballet I'm familiar with (Giselle is referenced throughout the episode). I'm not really here to review stuff, but it's good to see side characters with potential given their time in the spotlight.

Lillie's still evil. But that's why we like her.


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