Nov. 24th, 2016

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The showdown we've all been waiting for

Princess Tutu rewatch is continuing, and I'm bringing the good news to Livejournal!


The Pique-Ahiru rivalry from last episode has calmed down, and we have a new crisis to face, as Rue has been injured, and can't take her place in the grand performance to mark the end of the school Fine Arts Week. There's gonna be a competition, and the lucky winner gets to dance with Mytho in Rue's place! Everyone's absolutely thrilled by this, except for Pique, who's back on Team Fakir, Lillie, who's in it for the drama, and Ahiru, who's utterly confused.

Except, as always, all is not as it seems, as it's revealed Rue was only faking her injury, and the winner of the competition is going to be sacrificed for the crow-father! Will Princess Tutu be able to save the flower-loving Freya from Mytho? Tune in next time, same tutu-time, same tutu-channel!

This show cutting it's second season into half episodes is kinda confusing as well.

As part of our anime viewing, we've also watched some of Gochuumon, the rabbit coffee anime,'s second season, which has been out for a couple years now but we never claimed to be with the times. Interestingly, the episode we saw today also involved ballet and a school Fine Art festival, which was a weird coincidence. Today coffee-based slice of life, tomorrow all anime shall be ballet based!


Nov. 24th, 2016 04:05 am
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So I went to a university postgraduate open day earlier, which was a bit interesting. I did a campus tour and an introduction presentation, which you kinda know what you're getting when it comes to universities, although I have to admit that I was actually kinda impressed. I don't know if I just didn't make use of my time as an undergraduate well (hint: I didn't), but it seemed to be a really nice environment. Plus, it was in a neat area, I liked that as well, although the transport is... doable, if you're used to it. Probably.

What was more interesting was talking to advisors about some of the courses on offer. I definitely learnt a lot about the options I had, and one course in particular seemed interesting. I don't want to get into too much detail until I look into it a bit more, but while it didn't seem the sort of thing I'd normally be into (or at least, what I was thinking of when I started looking at postgraduate courses), but it would help my employability in a sector I'd be very keen to get into, that I don't really have any introduction to as it is.

It would, hopefully, make the expense worthwhile. Which is, of course, the main block to all this.

Some food for thought, at least


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