Nov. 27th, 2016

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So I didn't manage to make the swap event today, but I'm not too worried about it. I guess all I need now is more stuff, haha! Which is what I'm going to Hyper Japan's Christmas Market for. It's... Christmas shopping, let's say that.

Speaking of, it's kinda annoying the Christmas shopping season has really started, as weekends (and even weekdays) have started getting pretty packed in town, and it's hard finding a spot in a cafe - or anywhere really! I might have to start looking further away.

Speaking of, I still haven't decided if I'm going to renew my monthly season ticket when it runs out tomorrow. I might get a weekly one and see how it goes. Still, can't do it tomorrow, I don't think the ticket office will be open on a Sunday. At least I should be getting some money back from all the delays we've had this month. I'll spend that at Hyper Japan!
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So here's something I found today. I was talking to a friend about towns in the UK, and did a google search of where I used to live when I was a kid (well, the one in the UK at least). The house I used to live in is a holiday let apparently (it was a really small place), and there's pictures of it online. It's kinda weird, it's been totally redone, but all the furniture is in exactly the same places it used to me. I guess that really was the best layout? It's odd. I remember sitting on the stairs and watching the TV through the bars when I was small. My room's been totally redone, it now has a bed which seems to take up the entire room, and so has the bathroom, which... is probably for the best, given what I remember of it.

Also the letting agency doesn't allow kids under 12. Rude.
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Need to find a guy like that for me. Specifically, the one constantly blowing rose petals.

Princess Tutu continues as a new prince gallops into town, winning admirers at every turn... or so he thinks. I liked this episode. It remains true to the general theme of the last two episodes, but with a couple minor changes (Rue being the one to try to steal a heart instead of Mytho, and Femio being, well, Femio) it manages to not only provide comic relief from the darkness of the route the story now finds itself on, but also gives some development to Rue's character, and further highlights the situation she's in. While most shows that have a 'Monster of the week' theme (or in Princess Tutu's case, a victim of the week really) manage to keep it fresh, Princess Tutu has managed to use it while maintaining a good sense of the story really progressing - as it really needs to, as we're now well into the show's second half - and not just in the sense of 'another token has been found, now we're X away from victory' as it had in the first half. Not that that in itself is bad storytelling, but the fact that Princess Tutu has jumped from one to the other without it being too jarring is kinda neat. It'll be interesting to see where they take it from here (I remember the general storyline, but not always the episode beats, so this rewatch has been kinda fun in that sense).

Wow, listen to me, talking like I know anything about these things. I'll now absolutely shatter the illusion by talking how much I like Femio. Princess Tutu has had quite a few memorable one-episode character (like Freya in the last episode, and before that Pique... wait), but Femio's general audaciousness seemed to be just what the story needed at the moment, and... Well, it probably's best he's used sparingly, so let's leave it like that.

In other news, I'm going to start getting back watching new anime soon... Well, newer than 2002, at least, so I'll keep you posted when that happens!


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