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Wow, is it December already? How'd that happen? Luckily I have hot chocolate, so it isn't all bad!

I've been quite busy recently getting ready. Went to the storage to get the decorations out and had to carry them all the way home on Saterday, which was pretty tiring (don't ask!), then I put them up on Sunday. Pictures to follow (hopefully)! After sending off all my Christmas cards last week, today I've (almost!) finished my present shopping, so things are definately in motion.

In slightly unrelated news, there's been a delay in my passport application, so I might not be able to visit my family this Christmas, which is not great, although I wasn't too sold on the idea for a couple reasons, so who knows. Hopefully it'll all come through. On the positive side, I can get a replacement degree certificate, so that's good! Ah, time to go back to the post office. How many times have I sent things off in the past few weeks?

I think this is going to be the 6th. Do I get a loyalty card?

In other news, I seem to be doing better when it comes to my writing routine, so I hope that continues, and I may have updates on that soon!

Speaking of updates, anyone who wants to know the status of my Football Manager random number generated team, well, I quit after they got better results than my regular team. I guess the computer really does know what it's doing...


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