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So I have a Christmas-themed icon (it's Pique from Princess Tutu with a bad santa hat put on her in paint!) for Twitter, and I feel I should have something similar here. Problem is, I like my witchy Halloween icon too much to change it!

I could always put a hat on the Hex Maniac, I feel she'd apprectiate that. I'll make a decision further along December, I think

Snow was a mistake
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I think she's copying my style

Love Live season 1 continues and how many anime am I watching right now that's involved ballet at one point or another? Clearly I have good taste. Or maybe I just know what I like.

Maybe it isn't such good taste, I think the one thought that came out of episode 7 was that I'm really not a huge fan of Nozomi's running gag and, from what I hear, it's pretty much a running theme in the series. So that's not great. But aside from that, the anime's been alright so far. It's all fairly predictable, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing if they do it well. I'm enjoying it, mostly. The characters are likable, Nico has been amusing since her introduction, and Rin is pretty cool. So much so that when I was at Hyper Japan I picked this up, despite only seeing a handful of episodes!

Which is pretty cool as well! Patch out!
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Wow, is it December already? How'd that happen? Luckily I have hot chocolate, so it isn't all bad!

I've been quite busy recently getting ready. Went to the storage to get the decorations out and had to carry them all the way home on Saterday, which was pretty tiring (don't ask!), then I put them up on Sunday. Pictures to follow (hopefully)! After sending off all my Christmas cards last week, today I've (almost!) finished my present shopping, so things are definately in motion.

In slightly unrelated news, there's been a delay in my passport application, so I might not be able to visit my family this Christmas, which is not great, although I wasn't too sold on the idea for a couple reasons, so who knows. Hopefully it'll all come through. On the positive side, I can get a replacement degree certificate, so that's good! Ah, time to go back to the post office. How many times have I sent things off in the past few weeks?

I think this is going to be the 6th. Do I get a loyalty card?

In other news, I seem to be doing better when it comes to my writing routine, so I hope that continues, and I may have updates on that soon!

Speaking of updates, anyone who wants to know the status of my Football Manager random number generated team, well, I quit after they got better results than my regular team. I guess the computer really does know what it's doing...
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I had an idea that I kinda want to do in Football Manager now. You give your players (assume a 25 man squad) numbers 1-25, then before each match feed that into a random number generator. The first eleven (taking out injuries and suspensions) are your team.

Except FM would absolutely punish you for doing that.
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Today was quite relaxed, I didn't do much. Spent a while in a cafe having a coffee, it was very cozy. Didn't do any writing, just unwound for a bit. It was all good either way. Also I should probably stop having coffee after the morning, but hey!

Walking home past the shopping centre I found it's open until late for Christmas shopping, but it seems to be almost empty towards the end, so it might be a neat place to do Christmas shopping without much hassle. Or just hang late at night, either way.

Tomorrow I should probably get on that Christmas shopping thing, things to do, things to do!
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So ballet is over for the term, which is pretty sad. I've pretty much made up my mind that I'm going to keep doing it next term though, and right now I'm trying to decide whether I want to continue with the beginners for another term, or move up to the next level. I think I've improved a lot, and I'm really proud of my barre work, which makes me think I should move up, but then there's always things that need improvement (I still can't turn right, wah), and besides that, another term in beginners will help me retain it better. On the other hand, I don't have a lot of money just now, so there's always that to consider. Hopefully I'll have some time to practise in December and make a decision.

I hope there's still places available when I do either way.

Anyway, for our final lesson, we did a short part of the peasant's dance from Giselle, a ballet I've always wanted to see. It wasn't entirely the same as the real thing, as this was an introduction class, but it was kinda cool how we put together various things we'd learnt over the course of the term into something that had some form. As an example of it not being exactly the same, the music we did it to was the Hornpipe, as that was what the teacher started humming when counting off our moves and pianist just went with it. Not that that's a bad thing. I love the Hornpipe. There was only a handful of people in the class today, which was quite good, small class sizes always help in organising these things. Overall it went well, with a couple hiccups. In the middle we'd split into pairs and do short moves we'd practise before. I chose to do the Pas de Chat for mine, because what else would I have done? It was one of the easier ones (well, for me at least) so I did alright, even if I fluffed slightly on the changeover.

So yeah, I've really enjoyed learning ballet, and I'm looking forward to where I can go with it in future!
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Went to Hyper Japan Christmas Market today! I enjoyed it. It was mostly stalls, because market and all, but there was a few cultural events, and even a stage they had bands on! I didn't get to see any of it though, as I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend more on the extra tickets. Maybe I should've, a couple of the events looked kinda neat, like needle felting. There was a Jpop stand too. I always think I should get into Jpop when I go to these events, but then never do. Maybe now I will!

Overall, I spent most of the time checking out the vendors, and that was a blast in itself. I guess the good part of being very out of the anime loop this year is there's less temptation. There's only so much Sayaka stuff I can really justify getting! I did almost get a Patchouli Nendo though (I think it might be the same one they had at summer Hyper Japan), but I didn't because of price. Now, if it had been a Sayaka Nendo...

I can always buy online. Maybe.

I did get some knick knacks though, which I'll go into more detail in in another post. Overall it was a pretty good way to spend a Sunday!
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Awesome sauce!

In our quest to watch more up to date anime, we've moved on to Love Live. So we're about a decade further than we were before at least! It's actually been a couple weeks since we watched the first two episodes, but luckily they had a 'Previously On' before the opening, to make sure everyone's up to speed. I'm not used to anime this plot intensive!

But continue the plot does, with or without us, as the trio (still a trio, despite what the opening wants to tell us) prepare for their first idol performance! It doesn't go entirely well, but then hey, they've still got a lot of episodes to get it right. And to fill out the rest of the cast. I'm enjoying it so far, it's decent if unspectacular. There's one or two things I'm still not too hot on, but we'll see how it goes. And yep, I'm aware I'm half a decade behind the rest of the world here!

So yeah, looks like I don't have a whole lot to say about Love Live just yet (it being so long since I saw the first episode probably plays into that!), but I'll probably have more to say once we're further along. Until next time!
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Need to find a guy like that for me. Specifically, the one constantly blowing rose petals.

Princess Tutu continues as a new prince gallops into town, winning admirers at every turn... or so he thinks. I liked this episode. It remains true to the general theme of the last two episodes, but with a couple minor changes (Rue being the one to try to steal a heart instead of Mytho, and Femio being, well, Femio) it manages to not only provide comic relief from the darkness of the route the story now finds itself on, but also gives some development to Rue's character, and further highlights the situation she's in. While most shows that have a 'Monster of the week' theme (or in Princess Tutu's case, a victim of the week really) manage to keep it fresh, Princess Tutu has managed to use it while maintaining a good sense of the story really progressing - as it really needs to, as we're now well into the show's second half - and not just in the sense of 'another token has been found, now we're X away from victory' as it had in the first half. Not that that in itself is bad storytelling, but the fact that Princess Tutu has jumped from one to the other without it being too jarring is kinda neat. It'll be interesting to see where they take it from here (I remember the general storyline, but not always the episode beats, so this rewatch has been kinda fun in that sense).

Wow, listen to me, talking like I know anything about these things. I'll now absolutely shatter the illusion by talking how much I like Femio. Princess Tutu has had quite a few memorable one-episode character (like Freya in the last episode, and before that Pique... wait), but Femio's general audaciousness seemed to be just what the story needed at the moment, and... Well, it probably's best he's used sparingly, so let's leave it like that.

In other news, I'm going to start getting back watching new anime soon... Well, newer than 2002, at least, so I'll keep you posted when that happens!
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So here's something I found today. I was talking to a friend about towns in the UK, and did a google search of where I used to live when I was a kid (well, the one in the UK at least). The house I used to live in is a holiday let apparently (it was a really small place), and there's pictures of it online. It's kinda weird, it's been totally redone, but all the furniture is in exactly the same places it used to me. I guess that really was the best layout? It's odd. I remember sitting on the stairs and watching the TV through the bars when I was small. My room's been totally redone, it now has a bed which seems to take up the entire room, and so has the bathroom, which... is probably for the best, given what I remember of it.

Also the letting agency doesn't allow kids under 12. Rude.
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So I didn't manage to make the swap event today, but I'm not too worried about it. I guess all I need now is more stuff, haha! Which is what I'm going to Hyper Japan's Christmas Market for. It's... Christmas shopping, let's say that.

Speaking of, it's kinda annoying the Christmas shopping season has really started, as weekends (and even weekdays) have started getting pretty packed in town, and it's hard finding a spot in a cafe - or anywhere really! I might have to start looking further away.

Speaking of, I still haven't decided if I'm going to renew my monthly season ticket when it runs out tomorrow. I might get a weekly one and see how it goes. Still, can't do it tomorrow, I don't think the ticket office will be open on a Sunday. At least I should be getting some money back from all the delays we've had this month. I'll spend that at Hyper Japan!


Nov. 26th, 2016 03:54 am
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I haven't forgotten this! We just haven't anime'd these past two days! We'll continue soon!
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So today's been an interesting one, for the second day in the row I had to go to the post office to send something off... Which reminds me, I should probably get on my Christmas cards sometime soon.

But anyway, things are definitely happening, for both of the things I had to send off. The first is fairly straightforward, getting a new passport, which is something. Although you do always wonder if you got everything right. I mean, it's a lot of money, and they are very picky about these things. So always worth worrying over, ho hum. The other, and potentially more exciting, thing I sent off today is... Well, actually, I don't want to talk about it in too much detail as I don't know if anything's going to happen. So something might not have happened yet. I'm being transparent today, whee.

Anyway, on my way back I walked past the record shop, and they had a live band on! The band was actually pretty good, a two piece. The girl singing also played the drums, which was interesting to see (although with all those people in the store, I didn't see much). Turns out it was their album launch. I enjoyed it, but I didn't have time to stick around sadly, so I couldn't get a signed album. Also, after spending so much on postage these past few, I dunno if I could justify buying a CD of a band I'd just learnt existed, decent or not. Ah, those were the days.

In other news, I've been going through some old stuff for a swap event tomorrow, so that might be fun. Then on Sunday, it's off to Hyper Japan's Christmas Market! It's all happening!


Nov. 24th, 2016 04:05 am
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So I went to a university postgraduate open day earlier, which was a bit interesting. I did a campus tour and an introduction presentation, which you kinda know what you're getting when it comes to universities, although I have to admit that I was actually kinda impressed. I don't know if I just didn't make use of my time as an undergraduate well (hint: I didn't), but it seemed to be a really nice environment. Plus, it was in a neat area, I liked that as well, although the transport is... doable, if you're used to it. Probably.

What was more interesting was talking to advisors about some of the courses on offer. I definitely learnt a lot about the options I had, and one course in particular seemed interesting. I don't want to get into too much detail until I look into it a bit more, but while it didn't seem the sort of thing I'd normally be into (or at least, what I was thinking of when I started looking at postgraduate courses), but it would help my employability in a sector I'd be very keen to get into, that I don't really have any introduction to as it is.

It would, hopefully, make the expense worthwhile. Which is, of course, the main block to all this.

Some food for thought, at least
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The showdown we've all been waiting for

Princess Tutu rewatch is continuing, and I'm bringing the good news to Livejournal!


The Pique-Ahiru rivalry from last episode has calmed down, and we have a new crisis to face, as Rue has been injured, and can't take her place in the grand performance to mark the end of the school Fine Arts Week. There's gonna be a competition, and the lucky winner gets to dance with Mytho in Rue's place! Everyone's absolutely thrilled by this, except for Pique, who's back on Team Fakir, Lillie, who's in it for the drama, and Ahiru, who's utterly confused.

Except, as always, all is not as it seems, as it's revealed Rue was only faking her injury, and the winner of the competition is going to be sacrificed for the crow-father! Will Princess Tutu be able to save the flower-loving Freya from Mytho? Tune in next time, same tutu-time, same tutu-channel!

This show cutting it's second season into half episodes is kinda confusing as well.

As part of our anime viewing, we've also watched some of Gochuumon, the rabbit coffee anime,'s second season, which has been out for a couple years now but we never claimed to be with the times. Interestingly, the episode we saw today also involved ballet and a school Fine Art festival, which was a weird coincidence. Today coffee-based slice of life, tomorrow all anime shall be ballet based!
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So we've basically decided Lillie is the most evil character in this show.

My rewatch (how many rewatches is this now? The first for a while, anyway) of Princess Tutu has resumed after a long hiatus. I'm watching this with a friend who's never seen the show before, I feel I have to introduce it to all my friends. This is the sort of stuff you need to put up with when you're friends with me. Anyway, we took a break from watching anime for a while, and now we're at it again!

Some thoughts on the show so far - I'm still enjoying it, it's stood up to time surprisingly well. Amazing to think that this was made in 2002. Also, I always forget how downright creepy Fakir is at the start of the show, like wow. I mean, he gets character development, but without any context his actions are... wow. Sure, he was in a bad situation, but he didn't handle it at all well.

As for the episode itself, I enjoyed it. Mytho's gradual fall (not literally this time!) continues, and this time there's a lot of screentime for Ahiru's two friends, who are all too often falling into the, uh, main character's two friends cliche. Where they don't have much to do aside from showing the main character in her 'ordinary' life, which isn't the focus of the show. So that's a very welcome change! Pique gets some good focus, admittedly as the victim of the week, but at least she gets more screentime. Why do I always like the characters who appear the least? Plus, she dances Giselle, which a lot of the episode's plot revolves around, so it's always nice to see a ballet I'm familiar with (Giselle is referenced throughout the episode). I'm not really here to review stuff, but it's good to see side characters with potential given their time in the spotlight.

Lillie's still evil. But that's why we like her.
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So I've finally started writing again! Which is good, as I was struggling for a while. I guess this last month has been a bunch of upheaval for me, so it's good to finally be getting on top of stuff. Now I just need to keep that up, easier said than done. Got a lot to do when December comes along, so it's all go!
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Wow, what a day! I decided to get a train to ballet class early, and it's a good thing I did too, as it turns out there were massive delays! We haven't been hit too badly by the flooding in London, but apparently further down the line it was, causing a bunch of congestion at the main station. Still, at least I took the laptop along, plenty of time for writing.

Today was the penultimate ballet class of the term! I hope I can go back next term, they recommend two terms of the introduction class before progressing. For the next class, we're going to try putting the basic moves we learnt together, so... it'll be interesting to see how that comes out! Really enjoying it though.

In other news, I did my first Christmas shop of the year today! So that's fun, getting into the holiday spirit and all that! I do like it, hehe. This one seems it'll be a bit blah, but we'll see. The preparations are fun, at least!


Nov. 21st, 2016 02:45 am
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I gave myself a November (Inazuma Eleven Go: Chrono Stones) avatar on Twitter, seeing as it's November (it still is!) and I kinda want to put one on here but I like my current selection too much to change it. I guess my witchy professor avatar is kinda seasonal for October, so it would make sense to replace it with a November one (and then a December one, and so on), but I like witchy professor. Witches are always seasonal.

Here's some November (alongside Beta) anyway!

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Whee! After a while of nothing much happening, I've finally started being productive again! I think that I kinda lost sight of what was inspiring me to actually get stuff done, so it was important to surround me with that kinda stuff again.

It's going good so far, let's see how it goes from here!


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