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I'm back from France! Well, technically I got back last Sunday, which was pretty much a week ago, but hey! I guess the holiday was extended.

I had a good birthday. For my birthday dinner I had a pizza named after me! Except without the ham, looks like I really have gone vegetarian. It was nice going away fot a short while, I hadn't been out of the country since like April 2015. So it was a good change of pace if nothing else. Did the tourist stuff, got very cold in a southern French house with no central heating in January, and visited some FNACs. FNAC is great, we need more shops with that range of stock in the UK. I got a copy of the Inazuma Eleven manga in one of them, that was really cool.

I also went across the border to Italy! We only spent a few hours there, but it was the first time I'd been to a new country since... I think going to Finland in 2011? So that was really cool. Had an authentic Italian pizza while I was there, so I can confirm Italy has pizza.

Yeah. If you're a vegetarian on the Meddeteranian who doesn't eat seafood, you'd better like pizza.

I've had a gently week getting back into the swing of things, ready for next week, which I guess is the real start of 2017. I just liked 2016 so much I can't stand for it to end, looks like! I have a lot to do though, like watching anime. Gotta get on that stuff.


Jan. 1st, 2017 08:22 am
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Happy New Year!

The plan for today is making some plans for the year ahead! Hopefully, more news on that when we have it.

I... could write more about it, but I'm too sleepy and can't think. So more later!
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Christmas is over, and so (almost) is 2016!

It was an interesting one this year, as my parents were back, but couldn't stay for the day itself, so we had a fake Christmas 3 days early, with gifts, songs, turkey dinner and... no carols, as they had to go home to pack. Still, it was a pretty cool day all in all for a not Christmas day. Plus, I finally tried quorn bacon, as bacon butties are a tradition in our house on Christmas day. They weren't exceptional, but still, better than I expected. Not that I'm quite sure what I expected.

For the day itself, I went out cycling in the morning along the river listening to Christmas tunes on my mp3 player, which was pretty neat, then cycled over to a family friends to spend most of the day, which was also kinda cool. I've kept up with cycling since then, and actually found a neat new place to ride in today, although sadly because of the weather couldn't explore it a whole lot. Still, leaves something to do for next time! After, you know, buying some gloves.

Today I had leftover Christmas dinner sandwiches for dinner, which made a change from the Boxing day meal of chocolate and garlic bread that was about to expire.

Anyway, this!

Not pictured: lots of chocolate
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My new passport arrived today! That was pretty cool, I am now, in one sense at least, official. I don't know if I really have all that much to say about it other than I'm hype! It's great things are finally moving. Might not be too fast, but we'll get there in the end. Plus, I can actually look for jobs now! Which... might not be great, but we all have to eat, I guess. I might hold off until after Christmas, at least.

It helps with paying for ballet lessons at least. Which I still need to do.

In other news, my parents are visiting for a bit, so it's busy busy busy, although it's not all that bad. I guess not living under each other does help for that.

And of course, I went to the post office over the weekend to post something again. Because naturally!

As for anime, that's still happening, slowly. I've finished Love Live S1, so there's a post I need to make, plus I've watched some Girls und Panzer, which I think I should also make a post for. And then I've also seen two films recently that I want to post about! Well, I want to post about one of them at least, I might just fit my thoughts on the other one at the bottom of one of these posts. But not tonight.

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Wow, Livejournal's bugging out on me. It's like being on tumblr again.

Anyway, this weekend was interesting. Went around London for a day, which kinda made me miss having a travelcard. Getting out and about is good, but also the money needed is... not so good. I checked my bank balance, and... actually it wasn't all that bad. I'm gonna renew the travelcard. You know, in January, when the Christmas shopping has died down. And maybe buy myself a pizza or new clothes or game or something nice. You know, to treat myself for being good and not spending money. That makes sense, right?

But yeah, walking around London was nice, and I even got some writing done, so even if I didn't do all I wanted to, it was still pretty good. Today, I've mostly been rearranging my room while I've got the space to work on it, and looks like tomorrow I'm gonna buy a cheap chest of drawers or something to finally sort out my clothes storage problems. But more on that when the job is done!

Finally, I discovered some news the other day that was on the line between bizarre and hilarious, so that was certainly an experience. But again, more on that, later!
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So I was gonna go into town today, but I ended up running late and postponing it for tomorrow. I'm not quite sure what it is I'm going to do in town, which is probably the reason, but best to go now before we get too far along in December and it becomes quite wurgh.

Instead, I went to a cafe for a while and considered my options for jobs. Money's an issue as my last job haven't been giving me as much freelance work as I'd hoped (although given how it was run generally, what did I expect), but I can't apply for jobs just yet as I don't have my passport or degree certificate back. Still, it's good to know what your options are, and I came to some decent conclusions. I still need to iron out a few details, but all in all I feel I'm in a better place than I was when I was jobless a few months ago. Although, there's other reasons for that, but I'm glad that I took this time out to work stuff out.

In other news, I found an article about a transgender ballerina earlier today, which was a pretty cool read. Even if the article itself was a bit clunky at times, I still thought it was neat. Good these stories are being told, if nothing else.
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Wow, is it December already? How'd that happen? Luckily I have hot chocolate, so it isn't all bad!

I've been quite busy recently getting ready. Went to the storage to get the decorations out and had to carry them all the way home on Saterday, which was pretty tiring (don't ask!), then I put them up on Sunday. Pictures to follow (hopefully)! After sending off all my Christmas cards last week, today I've (almost!) finished my present shopping, so things are definately in motion.

In slightly unrelated news, there's been a delay in my passport application, so I might not be able to visit my family this Christmas, which is not great, although I wasn't too sold on the idea for a couple reasons, so who knows. Hopefully it'll all come through. On the positive side, I can get a replacement degree certificate, so that's good! Ah, time to go back to the post office. How many times have I sent things off in the past few weeks?

I think this is going to be the 6th. Do I get a loyalty card?

In other news, I seem to be doing better when it comes to my writing routine, so I hope that continues, and I may have updates on that soon!

Speaking of updates, anyone who wants to know the status of my Football Manager random number generated team, well, I quit after they got better results than my regular team. I guess the computer really does know what it's doing...
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Today was quite relaxed, I didn't do much. Spent a while in a cafe having a coffee, it was very cozy. Didn't do any writing, just unwound for a bit. It was all good either way. Also I should probably stop having coffee after the morning, but hey!

Walking home past the shopping centre I found it's open until late for Christmas shopping, but it seems to be almost empty towards the end, so it might be a neat place to do Christmas shopping without much hassle. Or just hang late at night, either way.

Tomorrow I should probably get on that Christmas shopping thing, things to do, things to do!
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So ballet is over for the term, which is pretty sad. I've pretty much made up my mind that I'm going to keep doing it next term though, and right now I'm trying to decide whether I want to continue with the beginners for another term, or move up to the next level. I think I've improved a lot, and I'm really proud of my barre work, which makes me think I should move up, but then there's always things that need improvement (I still can't turn right, wah), and besides that, another term in beginners will help me retain it better. On the other hand, I don't have a lot of money just now, so there's always that to consider. Hopefully I'll have some time to practise in December and make a decision.

I hope there's still places available when I do either way.

Anyway, for our final lesson, we did a short part of the peasant's dance from Giselle, a ballet I've always wanted to see. It wasn't entirely the same as the real thing, as this was an introduction class, but it was kinda cool how we put together various things we'd learnt over the course of the term into something that had some form. As an example of it not being exactly the same, the music we did it to was the Hornpipe, as that was what the teacher started humming when counting off our moves and pianist just went with it. Not that that's a bad thing. I love the Hornpipe. There was only a handful of people in the class today, which was quite good, small class sizes always help in organising these things. Overall it went well, with a couple hiccups. In the middle we'd split into pairs and do short moves we'd practise before. I chose to do the Pas de Chat for mine, because what else would I have done? It was one of the easier ones (well, for me at least) so I did alright, even if I fluffed slightly on the changeover.

So yeah, I've really enjoyed learning ballet, and I'm looking forward to where I can go with it in future!
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Went to Hyper Japan Christmas Market today! I enjoyed it. It was mostly stalls, because market and all, but there was a few cultural events, and even a stage they had bands on! I didn't get to see any of it though, as I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend more on the extra tickets. Maybe I should've, a couple of the events looked kinda neat, like needle felting. There was a Jpop stand too. I always think I should get into Jpop when I go to these events, but then never do. Maybe now I will!

Overall, I spent most of the time checking out the vendors, and that was a blast in itself. I guess the good part of being very out of the anime loop this year is there's less temptation. There's only so much Sayaka stuff I can really justify getting! I did almost get a Patchouli Nendo though (I think it might be the same one they had at summer Hyper Japan), but I didn't because of price. Now, if it had been a Sayaka Nendo...

I can always buy online. Maybe.

I did get some knick knacks though, which I'll go into more detail in in another post. Overall it was a pretty good way to spend a Sunday!
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So I didn't manage to make the swap event today, but I'm not too worried about it. I guess all I need now is more stuff, haha! Which is what I'm going to Hyper Japan's Christmas Market for. It's... Christmas shopping, let's say that.

Speaking of, it's kinda annoying the Christmas shopping season has really started, as weekends (and even weekdays) have started getting pretty packed in town, and it's hard finding a spot in a cafe - or anywhere really! I might have to start looking further away.

Speaking of, I still haven't decided if I'm going to renew my monthly season ticket when it runs out tomorrow. I might get a weekly one and see how it goes. Still, can't do it tomorrow, I don't think the ticket office will be open on a Sunday. At least I should be getting some money back from all the delays we've had this month. I'll spend that at Hyper Japan!
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So today's been an interesting one, for the second day in the row I had to go to the post office to send something off... Which reminds me, I should probably get on my Christmas cards sometime soon.

But anyway, things are definitely happening, for both of the things I had to send off. The first is fairly straightforward, getting a new passport, which is something. Although you do always wonder if you got everything right. I mean, it's a lot of money, and they are very picky about these things. So always worth worrying over, ho hum. The other, and potentially more exciting, thing I sent off today is... Well, actually, I don't want to talk about it in too much detail as I don't know if anything's going to happen. So something might not have happened yet. I'm being transparent today, whee.

Anyway, on my way back I walked past the record shop, and they had a live band on! The band was actually pretty good, a two piece. The girl singing also played the drums, which was interesting to see (although with all those people in the store, I didn't see much). Turns out it was their album launch. I enjoyed it, but I didn't have time to stick around sadly, so I couldn't get a signed album. Also, after spending so much on postage these past few, I dunno if I could justify buying a CD of a band I'd just learnt existed, decent or not. Ah, those were the days.

In other news, I've been going through some old stuff for a swap event tomorrow, so that might be fun. Then on Sunday, it's off to Hyper Japan's Christmas Market! It's all happening!


Nov. 24th, 2016 04:05 am
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So I went to a university postgraduate open day earlier, which was a bit interesting. I did a campus tour and an introduction presentation, which you kinda know what you're getting when it comes to universities, although I have to admit that I was actually kinda impressed. I don't know if I just didn't make use of my time as an undergraduate well (hint: I didn't), but it seemed to be a really nice environment. Plus, it was in a neat area, I liked that as well, although the transport is... doable, if you're used to it. Probably.

What was more interesting was talking to advisors about some of the courses on offer. I definitely learnt a lot about the options I had, and one course in particular seemed interesting. I don't want to get into too much detail until I look into it a bit more, but while it didn't seem the sort of thing I'd normally be into (or at least, what I was thinking of when I started looking at postgraduate courses), but it would help my employability in a sector I'd be very keen to get into, that I don't really have any introduction to as it is.

It would, hopefully, make the expense worthwhile. Which is, of course, the main block to all this.

Some food for thought, at least
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So I've finally started writing again! Which is good, as I was struggling for a while. I guess this last month has been a bunch of upheaval for me, so it's good to finally be getting on top of stuff. Now I just need to keep that up, easier said than done. Got a lot to do when December comes along, so it's all go!
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Wow, what a day! I decided to get a train to ballet class early, and it's a good thing I did too, as it turns out there were massive delays! We haven't been hit too badly by the flooding in London, but apparently further down the line it was, causing a bunch of congestion at the main station. Still, at least I took the laptop along, plenty of time for writing.

Today was the penultimate ballet class of the term! I hope I can go back next term, they recommend two terms of the introduction class before progressing. For the next class, we're going to try putting the basic moves we learnt together, so... it'll be interesting to see how that comes out! Really enjoying it though.

In other news, I did my first Christmas shop of the year today! So that's fun, getting into the holiday spirit and all that! I do like it, hehe. This one seems it'll be a bit blah, but we'll see. The preparations are fun, at least!
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Whee! After a while of nothing much happening, I've finally started being productive again! I think that I kinda lost sight of what was inspiring me to actually get stuff done, so it was important to surround me with that kinda stuff again.

It's going good so far, let's see how it goes from here!

I'm back!

Nov. 13th, 2016 02:35 am
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So after a brief hiatus (during which pretty much all of my writing projects have ground to a halt, so don't feel left out), I'm posting on here again!

So after leaving my full time job I've taken a couple weeks to just get my house in order so to speak, and it's... going reasonably well, all in all. I have enough money saved to tide me over until I get back in employment (hopefully) with freelancing to paper over the cracks (again, hopefully, not going brilliantly so far, but ho hum). In the meantime, I've been mostly doing admin regarding my name change, right now I need to get my passport updated. Which is a bit like getting blood from a stone, but such is life!

I've also spent time sorting out my schedule for the next few weeks (watch me mess that up, hah) as well as exploring my options when it comes to furthering my education, and of course employment, but more of that as the month progresses (I should know - it's in the schedule!) NaNoWriMo has kinda not happened either, again because of the whole writing thing grinding to a halt, but it's another thing I need to look into. NaNoWriHalfMo.

So yeah, that's where I am now! More to follow, hopefully!
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Looks like Monday's the day I update this blog, eh?

It's not that I've forgotten this blog, but truth be told a couple things are currently in motion, and I don't know how much I want to share at this point. I'll definately have more to share, and, hopefully, it could be good news. Of course, it could also be bad news, but hey, it's something different. Gotta try stuff, gotta try stuff!

I'll keep this blog running for the rest of the week with... Well, whatever comes to mind to post, and hopefully when I have some news, it'll go on here!
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Well today certainly happened. Not much happened, certainly, but it did.

Most interesting piece of news, ballet class! It's progressing well, although I'm still making myself dizzy on the turns. Such is life, such is life. Other than that, it's fun, a great way to spend an evening, and of course I'm just happy to be there!

It makes a change from work at least.

Speaking of, I've pretty much made my mind up to leave. I've got a plan, which I'll probably develop, and share in a few days when it's fully formed. In the meantime, I think it's a goer. Important to have a plan, I was going out of my head before when I was looking for jobs with little to no plan.

In happier news, I made my decision while having my first pumpkin spice latte of the season! And also, probably my last, but you know. It's nice to give it a go at least. Kinda fun. But then, after the day I had, I guess anything would be fun in comparison!

So yeah, a bit of a short one, but I guess a lot of this is still in progress. I'll share more when I have more!

Also, I can change my icon again! Hooray!
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And normal service resumes! Or maybe that's jumping the gun a bit, as I've only made about 2 posts on this blog before my week long hiatus, but hey, what can you do.

Not much apparently, as I've been sick! So I haven't really been up to much, on this blog or otherwise!

I still need to work out how best to set this place up, but I reckon that's a question for a week where I'm more up to doing stuff in.

As for what I've been up to? Well, considering quitting my job, I guess is the main thing. I just don't think being alone in a room for 8 hours a day with barely any human contact is all that healthy for me, and I don't get enough out of it to make it worthwhile. 'Course, both of those will change in a few months, it's just a question of how long I can put up with that. Plus I guess the entire endeavor has become sour by this point, which is a shame. It all started so well! Where did it all go wrong indeed...

So I guess aside from being ill, a lot of options have been weighed, and I've had some interesting conclusions. I'll give it a couple more days, and if it's clear that it's over, well, I guess what happens happens.


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