Dec. 28th, 2016

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Well, that's the end of the series. Turns out Lilie was the final boss all along.

After Christmas, anime has continued with Princess Tutu episode 20! The plot's continuing nicely, as we find Fakir might have some hidden talents, as stories he write have a strange habit of worming their way into reality. We actually find out quite a bit more about his backstory, and how he got to where he is today. I... don't actually think I have much to say about this episode. Well, that's not actually true. I could say a lot about the metafictional elements, but I think my mind is still stuck after this last week, so... Probably best to do a bit more to unstick it and then get back to writing these. Still, anime waits for no one!
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Christmas is over, and so (almost) is 2016!

It was an interesting one this year, as my parents were back, but couldn't stay for the day itself, so we had a fake Christmas 3 days early, with gifts, songs, turkey dinner and... no carols, as they had to go home to pack. Still, it was a pretty cool day all in all for a not Christmas day. Plus, I finally tried quorn bacon, as bacon butties are a tradition in our house on Christmas day. They weren't exceptional, but still, better than I expected. Not that I'm quite sure what I expected.

For the day itself, I went out cycling in the morning along the river listening to Christmas tunes on my mp3 player, which was pretty neat, then cycled over to a family friends to spend most of the day, which was also kinda cool. I've kept up with cycling since then, and actually found a neat new place to ride in today, although sadly because of the weather couldn't explore it a whole lot. Still, leaves something to do for next time! After, you know, buying some gloves.

Today I had leftover Christmas dinner sandwiches for dinner, which made a change from the Boxing day meal of chocolate and garlic bread that was about to expire.

Anyway, this!

Not pictured: lots of chocolate


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