Jan. 21st, 2017

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I'm back from France! Well, technically I got back last Sunday, which was pretty much a week ago, but hey! I guess the holiday was extended.

I had a good birthday. For my birthday dinner I had a pizza named after me! Except without the ham, looks like I really have gone vegetarian. It was nice going away fot a short while, I hadn't been out of the country since like April 2015. So it was a good change of pace if nothing else. Did the tourist stuff, got very cold in a southern French house with no central heating in January, and visited some FNACs. FNAC is great, we need more shops with that range of stock in the UK. I got a copy of the Inazuma Eleven manga in one of them, that was really cool.

I also went across the border to Italy! We only spent a few hours there, but it was the first time I'd been to a new country since... I think going to Finland in 2011? So that was really cool. Had an authentic Italian pizza while I was there, so I can confirm Italy has pizza.

Yeah. If you're a vegetarian on the Meddeteranian who doesn't eat seafood, you'd better like pizza.

I've had a gently week getting back into the swing of things, ready for next week, which I guess is the real start of 2017. I just liked 2016 so much I can't stand for it to end, looks like! I have a lot to do though, like watching anime. Gotta get on that stuff.


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